Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The mil-spec, Mil-DTL-53022, recently issued Revision E.

Revision E of Mil-DTL-53022 was issued on 19 January 2012 and gives the paint user more choices in specifying this epoxy primer because this revision adds Types IV and V to the spec which are higher performance products than the earlier Types I, II, and III. (Type I is not listed in Rev E so it can't be used on new contracts but is still available and sold as Rev D.)  The higher performance in Types IV and V is evident in the salt spray resistance of these products. Whereas the salt spray resistance of the Types I, II, and III is 336 hours, the salt spray resistance of Type IV and V is 1,000 hours. (The Type V product is essentially a touch-up kit.) These new Types are an effort by the specifying agency, the Army, to upgrade the performance of paint systems that use this primer.  A key phrase early in this specification says "Whenever one of the coating types is not cited in a relevant contractual document or drawing, select type IV."
Mil-DTL-53022 Type IV Epoxy Primer
AeroCoat is now stocking all of the types of this primer except the Type V touch-up kit. For your own copy of the latest copy of this new spec click the non-secure but safe download link, Mil-53022. And to check out the list of all of AeroCoat's Stocked Products on our website please click this Stocked Products link.

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